Is A Jack Russell For you ?

The Family Jack Russell terrier, true to terrier nature, is a highly intelligent and active dog.

Do not think that they  have the same nature as similar smaller breeds such as the spaniel or poodle, they are a law unto themselves. If left  on their own for too long they can find some mischief to occupy themselves ! If you are looking for a quiet, obedient lap dog, please look at another breed !

They  will adapt to any family situation, retired families or young active children. They must feel part of the family, if you are weeding in the garden  they will want to help too, if you are having a quick nap they will join you. These dogs are at home on boats, in back-packs and  prams. !

I have ready many reports from other countries, U.S.A. in particular, that Jack Russells do not make good pets for  small children. let me assure you that is not true for our Australian bred Jack Russells, their tolerance with children knows no bounds

Jack Russells are loyal and loving dogs, (usually) only barking to warn of a stranger or something unusual on their territory.

The top priority of owing a Jack Russell is a well fenced yard. An open gate or hole in the fence is an  invitation - ' here you go , see what you can find  - come back when you are ready !'

Selective hearing is a trait of the breed ! They can not always be trusted off lead in a park or country situation - there is always something interesting to smell and follow up, all the calling in the world will not get them back until they are ready - they are terriers after all !

You will have seen many Jack Russells on TV or films, so you will be aware of their training potential, they are only limited by you and your capabilities.
As you can see - Jack Russells are quite at home with other family pets !!
Poor little Bro - this is the 3rd time he has been stung by a wasp or bee !! It only takes a few hours for the swelling to subside, but true to the terrier nature they just can't help themselves chasing anyting interesting.